This platform is designed to help you grow your mind, body and business!

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What is HOLGRO®?

‘HOLGRO® is like your life & business wingman – there to help you work your magic.’

The HOLGRO® platform uses a partnership-style ecosystem to cultivate awareness, accountability and connection in regional businesses, their people and communities. Centred around a community of experts and peers, it ensures success through accountability and structured support.

Delivered through a membership portal, this primarily web-based product and service suite will grow with you.

The HOLGRO® Ecosystem

HOLGRO® was born to nurture people in business throughout regional and remote Australia. It is a unique combination of community, tools and services that have been developed to eradicate personal overwhelm, promote health and wellness, and to drive success from the inside out.

The essence of HOLGRO® is captured in its simplicity. Practical, real-world advice and assistance.

Peer support, education, and accessible mentors – all brought together in one platform, tailored to you.




HOLGRO® was born out of my love and passion for regional Australia. As well as living in regional and rural areas most of my life, I have also spent much of my professional career helping build these communities and businesses.

Our vision is to help grow the long-term prosperity of regional Australia – to foster change, cultivate balance, inspire evolution and activate potential; empowering these Australians – for the entire Nation.

Through our commitment to investing in research, leadership, innovation and learning, HOLGRO® aims to ‘Cultivate Regional Leaders’. Our platform threads together the usually disparate elements of health and business, connecting you and helping you on a journey of powerful positive change and growth.

Come with us on a journey of wellness, inside and out, for a better Australia!


We believe to have a great relationship and grow together, we need to be on the same page around our values and expectations.

Listed below are HOLGRO’s values. We hope you respect these values as they are important to creating trust and community. We are all accountable to these on this journey.

We are constantly updating content and adding new features but if you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you so contact us here.


Brave Holgro Value

Be Brave

Be vulnerable, open and honest with ourselves and others. Communicate and ask for help

Integrity Holgro Value

Live Integrity

Walk the talk. Be committed to the work by ensuring values and boundaries are in alignment.

Lead Holgro Value


Be responsible cultivators by patiently and compassionately guiding people.

Tune In Holgro Value

Tune in and Lean in

 Listen with our hearts and intuition – honour everyone’s journey, including your own.

Accountability Holgro Value

Be Accountable

Acknowledge patterns, own your mistakes and hold others to account.