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cultivating regional leaders

Why become a member of HOLGRO?

Whether you’re starting out on your business journey or decades in, we all have something more we can learn and change about ourselves that will help create a happier, healthier and more balanced life. HOLGRO’s aim is to help create sustainable businesses through awareness, practical tools and mentoring.

We want to quash the hustle mentality and empower leaders to do business differently.

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Are you ready to become a regional leader?


Here are some of the ways we do this:

Access To Curated Content

We’ve sourced the best and most practical resources from trusted authors from across the globe.

Pay-as-you-go Services

Your journey is unique, as are your needs. Our team of HOLGRO experts are here to support you how and when you need it.

HOLGRO Leadership Group

Community is at the heart of what we do. By listening and sharing, we grow together – all under the guidance of some of the best minds in their respective fields.

Premium Courses And Content

Our team of specialists continue to create a range of practical courses, underpinned by our HOLGRO philosophies and values.

Elevated Coaching Group

Paid members are matched with other members on a similar journey and mentors to help elevate their journey.


Our online and live events aim to bolster growth with tangible and sustainable outcomes, paired with a great community and vibe!


Like you, we’re also growing and learning.

We have an exciting and innovative vision for HOLGRO and regional Australia. We hope you will join us on our journey, and provide us feedback about what we can be doing better, differently or more of!


In the future we will be adding:

HOLGRO Fitness

Live classes, competitions, recipes and scoreboards

HOLGRO Projects

List a project you need help with and/or list your service to our regional business community!

Career Pathways

With our Partner Universtities, we place graduates in regional jobs, providing holistic support to help them thrive across mind, body and business!


HOLGRO – We help regional businesses, their people and communities thrive through holistic partnership.



HOLGRO is a holistic digital partnership ecosystem to cultivate awareness, accountability & connection in regional businesses, its people and communities.



To eradicate overwhelm in businesses, minds and bodies for sustainable growth. health and wellbeing.


By providing every tool for success



To cultivate balance, inspire evolution and activate potential with every HOLGRO.ME leader



Brave Holgro Value

Be brave
Be vulnerable, open and honest with ourselves and others. Communicate and ask for help

Lead Holgro ValueLead
Be responsible cultivators by patiently and compassionately guiding people

Tune In Holgro ValueTune in and Lean in
Listen with our hearts and intuition – honour everyone’s journey, including your own

Integrity Holgro ValueLive integrity
Walk the talk. Be committed to the work by ensuring values and boundaries are in alignment in all areas

Accountability Holgro Value

Be accountable
Acknowledge patterns, own your mistakes and hold others to account